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This conference is more than just a series of talks; it's a call to action for men to recalibrate their approach to work, understand the integral role of their families, and deepen their faith. It's about building a legacy that transcends financial success and delves into the realm of personal and spiritual fulfillment.

Rethinking Work-Life Balance 

Are you content with just one vacation a year while feeling burnt out? Explore strategies to achieve a healthier work-life balance.

Legacy Over Profits

Shifting focus from building and selling businesses to considering the long-term impact on family inheritance.

Marrying Passion with Vocation

​Discover how aligning your career with your passions can lead to greater satisfaction and success.


Valuing All Forms of Education

Encouraging the pursuit of trade schools and apprenticeships as viable and valuable paths to success, beyond traditional college education.


Redefining the Work Ethic

Debating the 40-hour work week - is it enough, too much, or just right? Discussing how to optimize productivity and fulfillment in your professional life.


Understanding Perceptions of Work

Examining how our spouses view our work - is it perceived as hard work or something less challenging? Engaging in a dialogue about the realities and misconceptions of our professional endeavors.

As the founder of the Works-Based Conference, I want to share the vision driving this gathering. It's more than nurturing a Christian work ethic; it's about forging a robust Christian approach to work, business, and the economy. Our aim is to cultivate business relationships and networks that support Christian banks, investment groups, freight companies, internet providers, and energy suppliers. We believe that by connecting and uniting in our efforts, we can create a comprehensive ecosystem that not only thrives on shared values but also propels us towards collective growth and success. This conference is a call to action-to build, support, and leverage our Christian community for a better future in all aspects of work and economy.

Dallas-Fort Worth is a prime spot for the Works-Based Conference, combining a strong, reformed Christian community with a growing interest in post-millennial thinking. Its vibrant economy and central U.S. location offer unmatched access and opportunities. Here, we can tap into an innovative spirit to further our mission, connecting within a region that's already seeing a resurgence in Christian-led business and thought leadership.

A Theology of Work by Steve Jeffery: Establishes a theological foundation for work, touching on creation, rest, and historical perspectives to prepare for practical applications.

Event Talks

Full Time by David Bahnsen: Leverages the theological groundwork to discuss the practical integration of faith and work, drawing from Bahnsen's book.

Against the Recreational Household by C.R. Wiley: Explores work's integration with family life, based on Wiley's unique experiences and insights from his book and life.

The Risk Imperative: Dominion & Capital by David Reece: shares insights on entrepreneurship, Christian principles in business, and the importance of risk-taking.

Fit for Purpose: The Right Talent for the Task by Andrew Crapuchettes: Focuses on recruitment, the importance of placing the right people in the right positions, and the impact of character and worldview in employment.

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